Japan-Poland Student Conference 2021 

Application Information

 1. ​Outline  Conference Date: September 10-16, 2021 (7 days including arrival & departure days)  

※The date are the same for offline and online. 

※We will have pre-meetings once or twice a month. We will decide the date according to the schedule of participants. 

Site:  Nagoya-Aichi, Tsuruga-Fukui, Japan or online  

Topics of the conference:  

1. History

2. Business 

3. Sports 

4. Culture  

Recruitment numbers: 

10 Japanese participants and 10 Polish participants  


English, Japanese and Polish  

※The conference will be held mainly in English. However, we will use Japanese and Polish accordingly. 

Participation Fee: Offline : 10,000 yen – 30,000 yen  Online : 5,000 yen  

※The fee includes meals, transportation, and accommodation during our conference.  

※Participants prepare roundtrip tickets to Nagoya and the fare be for  arriving at and after departing from Nagoya.     

About  the  application

Applicant  eligibility:

● Those who are in a  university,  college,  graduate  school  or  other  equivalent  faculties. 

● Those who have a strong interest in Japan and Poland, and are eager to support and promote  the  better  relation  and  integration  between  the  two  countries.   

● Those who can attend  all  the  meetings  or  online  meetings  for  the conference. 

※We will strongly welcome those who are willing to join the executive committee of 2022. 

Application  Steps:

● Fill in  the  application  form:  ​https://forms.gle/81YjaZooxeEAfPsp8   

Deadline:  23:59  9th,  April 

 ● Interview   

○ 17, 18th​ ​ of  April  2021 

○ 20 minutes  for  each  participants 

○ Online (zoom) 

○ The interview  date  will  be  emailed  to  each  participants 

● The final  result  will  be  notified  by  the  end  of  April 【Contact Information】

If you have any questions feel free to cantact us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
or e-mail japanpolandstudentconference@gmail.com