On the 13th of March the recruitation for JPSC 2021 has started!

Probably there are still people who could not take part in our explanatory meetings or still have some doubts and questions.

That’s why we have created this page – it’s to answer your questions and give you some brief explanation about JPSC plans, schedule and general information. If you have any questions that has not been answered yet – feel free to contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email: japanpolandstudentconference@gmail.com

Am I supposed to belong to Japanese university to join the program?

We don’t ask your nationality nor your school. Any kinds of school, any status and from any countries which have a national friendship between Japan. In 2019, a student from an university in England participated in the meeting!

Is it possible to keep a balance between uni life, job hunting, any other activities and joining JPSC 2021?

Yes, we believe so. Most of the past participants succeeded in that and this year’s committee members are also being busy with Grad school examination or research, job hunting and sports activities etc!

What’s planned for JPSC 2021?

JPSC is the main activity organized by Japan-Poland Student Conference Organizing Committee. The program is held annually for about a week in every summer, by taking turns in Japan and in Poland. This year holds one in Nagoya city, Japan. We will stay at a youth center in Nagoya and have lectures and activities, besides taking a short trip to Tsuruga, Fukui where the important historical museum, The Port of Humanity Tsuruga museum is located:) At the end of the program, participants will give a public presentation on what they’ve learned through the program!

What do we do in the 4 Sectional meetings?

Besides all participants will take part in every activity during the program, they will be also asked to belong to one of four sectional groups on which the main part of the program is based. They are set as History, Business, Culture and Sports this year.

Along with the attractive lectures and workshops, these practical sub groups are also required to discuss in group time to time and get ready to reduce down the consequences of an assigned sectional group for the final presentation!

Please take into consideration that due to the spread of covid-19 there is a possibility of changes in the schedule of JPSC. Thank you in advance.