Japan-Poland Student Conference 2022 Privacy Policy


The facilities contain public areas which may be viewed from any Internet-connected device. Other areas are restricted to access by committee members of the Japan-Poland Student Conference (JPSC). It is important to JPSC that its members retain their privacy when they take advantage of all that JPSC and its services have to offer.

Your privacy is important to us. We, therefore, operate based on several principles:

Information you give us in your documents submitted will be stored securely. This information is shared by official JPSC partners for the organization seeking to deliver on its aims and objectives and the data will be used only for this purpose. 

If any of the information you have given us changes at any time, you can contact us and inform us of such changes.

   JPSC will use this information to communicate with you by email, improve our website and personalize our service to you. For example, we may provide you with newsletters, activity information, pointers, advice, recommendations, or advertisements for goods or services that we think will interest you, according to the preferences you have determined. We will also use the information for our internal membership administration, the facilitation of organization elections, and for statistical analysis.

We will not however disclose, sell, rent or otherwise exchange any information personal to you or to any third party without your prior express approval. 

By disclosing information about you to us on our website or in any other way, you consent to the use of that information in the manner set out in this policy.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please feel free to email us at:



13 March 2022

Japan-Poland Student Conference Committee